UKI - Utility Kinetic Insect

UKI is a van-sized, insectoid interactive kinetic sculpture with integrated sound system, moving limbs, and pixel-mapped wings and body.

Role: lighting designer + technician

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Geelong's Floating Christmas Tree

Every year the City of Geelong floats a 25m tall Christmas tree on a barge during the Xmas - New Years season.

Role: lighting programmer (multiple timecoded tracks)

Telekinetik's Glow Wall

A 5m wide interactive glow wall made of photoluminescent material. Accompanied by UV paint brushes, spray cans, and paint rollers, event participants can draw with light on the wall. Can also be projected on with lasers for complex projection shows.

Made in conjunction with the Telekinetik team

Role: designer, project manager, laser programmer

LED Dance Floor

Dance floor decks retrofitted with LED strip and designed for mobile production use.


Wireless control via iPad with on-the-fly programming, audio + video input, and external triggering.

Role: fabricator, system designer, lighting programmer

Fibre Plants

Interactive light plants made of optical fibre

Role: designer, fabricator